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Cerberus Club Project


Cerberus Project - commenced 1986 and nearing completion

The model of HMVS Cerberus was started as a group project by SMSV in 1986. The group members included John Poppins, Tony Denson, Carl Hunter, Barry Rogers, Jim Hanna, Oliver Farrelly, Tom Hadley, Mark Bouris, Phil Molyneux, Bill Green, Ian Hawksby and others.

A lot of research material, plans etc were collected, jobs doled out, and work commenced. The scale selected, 1:72, gave a nice model size of about 1 metre long. The hull was constructed of huon pine, bread-and-butter fashion and faired off nicely to the plan. The armoured breastwork and turrets were made and at that point interest waned and the project was stored for some years.

A new burst of enthusiasm occurred in 2001. A few members of the original group were still active and were joined by newcomers such as Nick Olliff, Geoff Martin, Rex Lethlean, David Starr, Pat Majewski, Derek Smith, Mal McGann, Alan Tyler, Don Stratton and others.

The project has progressed in fits and starts from then. The decks were planked, superstructure made, spar deck made together with the myriad of deck fittings, boat gear, ladders, anchor gear, etc. The project is now nearing completion and it is hoped to exhibit the completed model at the November model competition night.

There are still a few small components to be made and anyone who would like to make a contribution would be very welcome to join in! Twenty four years may be a world record for building a ship model but, hopefully, like old wine, the wait will be worthwhile!

See photos below and watch the website for updates....