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General Interest

General Interest
  • Duyfken Replica Foundation
    The web site for the Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation providing a history of the original, the building of the replica, image library and more.
  • Ghosts of Cape Horn Documentary
    National Sailing Hall of Fame (USA) on-line documentary about sailing ships; predominantly ships rounding Cape Horn. It covers a lot more than the title suggests, including some great footage in an old shipyard showing the use of the steam box, caulking, etc, as well as good footage shot aboard these ships.
    CAUTION - this film is about 40 minutes in length and may require a broadband connection.
  • HMS Surprise Simulator
    HMS Surprise - a frigate (and brig) simulator for Windows. Download and run a free simulation of a three- and two-masted square-rigged sailing ship.
  • Julian Stockwin's 'Thomas Kydd' Website
    This site provides for a wide range of subjects. Along with discussion of Julian's fiction novels (Thomas Kydd series), there are some very useful research pages and a link to the building of a model of Kydd's first Command "HMS Teazer"
  • Photography for Modellers
    A guide to photographing your models.
  • Port of Melbourne Education Centre
    A link to our 'meeting place' host's site.
  • Privateer's Bounty
    Privateer's Bounty is a strategy game that offers something for anyone interested in commanding a fleet--except perhaps fans of role-playing a pirate. Since Age of Sail II is so appealing in multiplayer, it makes sense for fans of the game to buy the latest version, especially since it features improvements that make for a markedly better game. For everyone else, thanks to this update, you can now go to the store and buy an excellent strategy game about the age of fighting sail that generally works right out of the box. NOT FREE!
  • Richard Linton's Maritime Art
    Maritime art is Richards Linton's life. When it comes to marine and maritime art, he stands alone. He is one of the few historical artists to have been commissioned by The Franklin Mint to have his paintings reproduced in the old method of hand lithography in Paris at the famous house of Moulot, where the great artists, Chagall, Matisse and Picasso had their work produced.
  • The Model Ship Builders Journal
    An online magazine style publication in PDF format for model ship building enthusiasts.
  • Wooden Ships and Iron Men
    Download a free game of Wooden Ships & Iron Men. Please note that the download is via a site that requires a paid subscription to their download service. (US$4.95).