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Painting Techniques

Painting Techniques
  • Reference Site for Steel Ship Paint Colours
    Snyder and Short Enterprises site that provides accurate colour reference informartion for the for the major navies of the World. These ships all used distinctive peacetime colors and a wide range of wartime camouflage colours; not all warships were painted “Battleship Gray” or some other ubiquitous colour. .
  • Airbrushing Techniques and Reviews
    A good summary of the basics of airbrushing with a review of the IWATA TR2 trigger type airbrush. Scroll down past the photos for the text; while dominated by aircraft models the techniques and comments apply equally to ship modelling.
  • Airbrushing Tutorials
    Airbrushing web site with basic tecnique lessons, how-to articles, tutorials and technical tips. This web site is owned and operated by airbrush artist Don Johnson; publisher/ editor of Airbrush Technique Magazine and Airbrush Artist Magazine.
  • Humbrol Model Paints
    Web site of Humbrol Model paints
  • Painting Techniques
    Painting with brushes tips and techniques using acrylic or oil-based paints.
  • Testor's Model Workshop
    Helpful techniques and model building articles