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Research and Reference Resources

  • 3 Decks - Naval Sailing Warfare History 1650-1850
    Naval Warfare History Wiki in the Golden Age of Sailing (1650-1850). A community developed (constantly evolving) database of ships and their specifications.
  • American Ships-of-the-Line
    Discussion and information about American Ships-of-the-Line
  • Australian Association for Maritime History Inc.
    The aim of The Australian Association for Maritime History is to promote the study, publication and general appreciation of maritime history. The AAMH is not restricted to Australia and Australian maritime history: its membership and field of interest are international in scope.
  • Chinese Sailing Junks
    A site that discusses the recent attempts to revive the Chinese Sailing Junks.
  • CRW Flags
    Supplier of American flags. Some useful information on Military and Historical flags (see index).
  • Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
    The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, commonly known as DANFS, is the foremost reference regarding US naval vessels. Published in nine volumes (from 1959 to 1991), it gives histories for virtually every US naval vessel. To make DANFS accessible to a larger number of people, we are working to put all DANFS ship histories online through this site. Currently the online collection includes over 7000 ship histories, and more are being added. These files are faithfully transcribed from DANFS, without updating or corrections.
  • Duyfken Replica Foundation
    The web site for the Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation providing a history of the original, the building of the replica, image library and more.
  • Eldrbarry's Wood Ship Modelling Links & Books Page One
    A useful listing of Maritime Books, tips and hints websites.
  • Flags at Sea
    Naval Ensigns of England and Great Britain - Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries
  • Glossary of Sailing Terms
    Glossary of Sailing Terms by Bosun Michael so's all you lubbers'll know what us Salts is talkin' about!
  • Guide to Sailing Ship Rigs
    Maritime Museum of the Atlantic infosheet.
  • Historic Naval Ships Association
    US based association, which aims to provide support among those who are working hard to maintain their aging vessels.
  • Historic Tall Ship Replicas
    A non-commercial website listing many of tall ship replicas. An excellent resource.
  • Historical Maritime Links
    Links provided on the Julian Stockwin website - historical naval fiction author.
  • Historical Maritime Society
    UK based historical research and re-enactment group recreating the Royal Navy.
  • Historical Naval Research Links
    A listing of interesting historical research links relating to the late 18th, 19th and early 20th Century Naval and Naval social history.
  • Historical Sources on Naval Sciences
    Links on European Cultural Heritage Online website.
  • HMS Trincomalee
    The classic British frigate - Britain's oldest warship afloat. This site provides cutaway drawings, photos and history of the ship, the Leda ship class, and of naval warfare in those time. An extensive menu to navigate.
  • HMS Victory Interactive 3D Decks Feature
    You can use this interactive feature to explore HMS Victory deck by deck. Simply choose the deck you would like to find out about to reveal a wealth of information about the wooden world of a Georgian warship. You will also find a number of 360 degrees viewers for the decks offering a fascinating insight into the ship before you even visit.
  • Maritime Art Collection at Greenwich
    Browse the NMM database of oil paintings by title, artist or date. An excellent resource for ship details and colours.
  • Maritime Heritage Society of Victoria
    The Maritime Heritage Association of Victoria is a coalition of people and organisations actively promoting the establishment of a State Maritime Museum in the Melbourne metropolitan area, assisting and promoting the acquisition of artefacts for Maritime collections and promoting the public and political awareness of Victoria's rich maritime heritage.
  • National Archives of Australia
    Record Search describes over 6 million records created by 9000 Australian Government agencies, mostly since 1901. Searchable records include documents, photographs, posters, maps, films and sound recordings. Generally, 30 years after a record is created, the public can access it.
  • Nautical Achaeology - Texas A&M University
    The Nautical Archaeology Program of the Texas A&M University and the Institute of Nautical Achaeology web site. The site provides access to some excellent maritime related thesis.
  • Nautical Research Guild
    If you enjoy building historically accurate ship models and broadening your maritime knowledge, then we're glad you found us - welcome!
  • Palaeography: reading old handwriting
    Palaeography is the study of old handwriting. This web tutorial will help you learn to read the handwriting found in documents written in English between 1500 and 1800. It is especially useful in deciphering Ship's logs and dockyard documents from that era.
  • Reconstruction of the Bremen Cog
    The German Ship Museum's 3D interactive reconstruction of the Bremen Cog. The pages show and explain the construction, outfitting and an animated voyage of the vessel.
  • Reconstruction of the Wapen Von Hamburg
    The German Ship Museum's 3D interactive reconstruction of the Convoyer "Wapen Von Hamburg". The pages show and explain the construction, outfitting and an animated voyage of the ship.
  • Sea Power Centre Australia
    The Sea Power Centre - Australia (SPC-A), formerly the Maritime Studies Program, was established to undertake activities that promote the study, discussion and awareness of maritime issues and strategy within the RAN and the defence and civil communities at large. This inludes a General History of the RAN.
  • Ship Wreck Database
    An alphabetical listing of known shipwrecks which includes their positions, descriptions, charts and images.
  • Ships of the Line
    A useful photographic resource for Ships of the Line from various nations.
  • Tudor Ships of War
    Galleons, galleasses and carracks; a classification of Tudor ships of war.
  • UK Colonial Registers and Royal Navy Logbooks
    Online resource for records held at The National Archive, Kew. The records are part of a database of weather observations based on historical records but may be of some use i to modellers in their research of vessels. The ADM section includes records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies, concerning all aspects of the organisation and operation of the Royal Navy and associated naval forces, over the period 1205-1998.