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Sail Making Techniques

Sail Making
  • Forming and Installing Sails
    Produced by Hubert Sicard in his on-line tutorials collectivey known as "Wooden Ship Modelling for Dummies". This chapter is free but you must subscribe to acess other content.
  • How to Create Convex Sails
    Written by Slawomir Kromer and Miroslaw Rybus
  • Making Scale Sails Shopnote
    A shopnote from the Model Shipwright's Database (MSD) which is associated with Model Ship World (MSW) Forum. The article discusses the merits of including or excluding sails on your model, sail settings, sail making materials and techniques.
  • The Art of Finding Vintage Linen Fishing Line
    An article from the Warships to Workboats Magazine (The Warrior Group) on linen thread.
  • The Thread Exchange
    An US supplier of linen threads suited to scale rope making.