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Ship Plans

Ship Plans
  • AF Chapman Plans
    Plans from "Architectura Navalis" by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman shown as thumbnails but High res version can be downloaded.
  • Anthology of Ship Model Plans
    A collection of free and digital plans, along with a larger catalog of plans for sale.
  • French Sailing Warship Plans
    French language site listing free to the public French Naval sailing ships plans .
  • French Steel Warship Plans
    French language site listing some excellent, free to the public, plans, photos and descriptions for French Naval steel ships.
  • Modeller's Shipyard
    Sydney based Australian supplier of historic wooden model sailing ship kits, plans, books, tools, accessories and timbers. Kits are imported from Europe and we manufacturer our own models with a focus on model ships with relevance to colonial Australian maritime history. Additionally, they supply a comprehensive range of plans, fittings, accessories and timber for the “scratch builder’ as well as a full range of tools and books on all aspects of model ship building. They also offer a range of Nautical Gifts for those special occasions or to create a theme for the display of your model.
  • NMM Plans
    The National Maritime Museum looks after the largest single collection of original ships plans in the world. In addition to the plans, there is a large technical archive, mainly concerning Royal Naval vessels. These include ships covers, ships books, and contracts and specifications, as well as other miscellaneous Department of Naval Construction material.
  • Sail and Motor Boat Free Plans
    Here you can find thousands of r/c plans, all free. The plans are available in different formats for your convenience.
  • Ship Model Plans from Best Scale Models
    Free model ship plans; sign up to their site to receive further technical information.
  • Ship Plans and Blueprints
    A collection of over 3000 digital plans / blueprints of more modern ships (steel) including battleships, destroyers, submarines and other types (many other types of blueprints are also provided for trucks, cars etc.). Please note that the plans are not for sale on this website. The site does not offer them on paper or as scale drawings, but they can be downloaded.
  • Ship Plans from the Smithsonian
    The Smithsonian's collection of watercraft plans site provides descriptions of the Catalogs of Plans and instructions, which can be ordered in large-scale copies; the catalogs and plans are only available by writing to the address provided.