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Miscellaneous Suppliers

Misc Suppliers
  • Barnes Silicones and Resins
    Australian suppliers of materials for the manufacture of moulds and patterns, model making and SFX supplies.
  • DSC Showcases
    DSC Showcases and Wall Display Cabinets for Collectors and Modellers
  • Filla Glues
    Filla-Glu.Com offer a range of adhesives and ancillary products for the Hobby & Model enthusiasts which are both innovative and market leading.
  • Humbrol Model Paints
    Web site of Humbrol Model paints
  • Miniature Gears, Bearings and Racks
    A good source for miniature gears etc (useful for rope walks, serving jigs and RC work).
  • Model Flags and Decals
    Good site for decals, model flags and vinyl lettering and the like; will post internationally.
  • Sculpey Clay Products
    Polymer modelling clay for sculpting bow, stern and side decorations/shapes. Australian stores listed (select Store Locations and scroll to bottom of list).
  • SERV-O-LINK Delrin Gears
    Gears for your model, your ropewalk or rope serving jig. Will post internationally but a minimum order applies. The gears are available from stock in a wide selection of sizes in both 32 pitch and 48 pitch.