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Timber Resources

  • Australian Furniture Timbers
    Specialist timber supplier in Melbourne, Victoria prepared to mill timbers suited to ship modelling (no resaw service provided - minimum lengths apply). The site also has a good on-line guide to Australian and imported wood.
  • Australian Timber Species - Timber Direct
    This page has information on the commonly available Australian hardwoods, their mechanical characteristics, colour, availability and uses. The page is not a complete list of Australian timber species.
  • Australian Timber Species Guide
    A timber guide for a range of timber species using common trading names. The guide for each species contains the following information; Common trading names, Botanical name, Hardness (or Janka) rating in (Kilo Newtons), Density, Durability, Strength, Grain, and Appearance.
  • Hobby Mill
    HobbyMill is a custom wood milling shop located in Cincinnati, Ohio that caters to hobbyists and model shipbuilders. Our inventories include Castello Boxwood strips, European Pear, Holly and several other species of common woods used by model shipbuilders.
  • The Lumberyard
    Ships Cannons - USA based. Good range of timber and timber sets (for kit/scratchbuild).
  • Trend Timbers
    Specialist timber supplier in NSW prepared to mill, resaw and post timbers suited to ship modelling. The site also has a good on-line guide to Australian and imported wood.
  • Woods for Model Building
    A shop note by Gene Larson that discusses woods suited to model ship building.
  • Woods for Turning and Modelling
    This site was created to help woodturners identify and learn about the woodturning properties of trees commonly found in Arizona, USA. However, as there are a few Australian species included, the site is of value to Australian modellers also. Pictures of the trees' bark, leaves, fruit, flowers and woodturnings made from the wood are provided if available. Additional information about woodturning properties and warnings about the woods are listed at the bottom of each page.